May 112013


Starring: Yoshimi Miyazaki
Studio: PETERS
Format: WMV
Size: 1750 MB
Running Time: 140 Minutes


  1. [ZEX-148] Erina Watanabe – Wonderfully Wise For Her Years – This Respectable Miss Was a Student Body President Until 3 Months Ago and Then Hit the Fast Track to An AV Debut
  2. [ZEX-136] Harumi Miyashita – 18 Years and 3 Days! Just 4 Days Ago She Wasn’t Qualified to Appear! Finally, She’s Free to Do AV! She’s Reached the Minimum Age to Be in An AV, This Miss With No Idea What to Do is Brimming With Curiosity About Sex
  3. [BF-201] Saki Hatsumi – Music Student – Miss Campus Nakadashi
  4. [TJT-016] Riina Yoshimi – It’s Nice to Meet You! I’m Riina Yoshimi!
  5. [NSR-031] Amateur – Miss Campus on Video File 24

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